Prana Wellness guides you to achieve union of mind and body, and heal imbalance through the tools of yoga.

We provide corporate wellness programs for companies, 1:1 Clinical Yoga Therapy, perinatal yoga, private events and an enterprise speaking series on “Wellness for the Working Mind.”

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Wellness Solutions

Corporate Wellness

Allow the Prana team to help you stress less, and accomplish more. Engaging wellness programs to increase productivity and retention.

1:1 Clinical Yoga Therapy

Experience the power of self-healing. Address specific mental and physical health challenges, and develop sustainable habits for optimal health.

Wellness Talks

Engaging, educational, and interactive workshops on various wellness topics, including leadership, productivity, teamwork, mindful eating, anxiety, and managing yourself.

Wellness Biz Coaching

Learn how to turn your passion into a career and build your business outside of the studio walls.

Perinatal Support

Feel supported and empowered on your journey with private group classes or 1:1 Yoga Therapy support for pregnancy and postpartum.

Private Events

Let us plan and host your next event! Personalized sessions for groups of 3 or more.

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Meet Stephanie


Prana Wellness was born out of Stephanie’s own need for wellness in a challenging work environment. She traveled to Rishikesh, India to study yoga, meditation, and breathwork under master yogis. Stephanie is an RYT 500hr yoga instructor, Yoga Therapist Rx, NASM Behavior Change Specialist, and certified in perinatal yoga, and trauma. She studied Yoga Therapy, in a 4 year program, at Loyola Marymount University.

“I have been doing yoga therapy with Stephanie, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that she has changed my life.”


“Prana Wellness came to our office to host a 1 hour yoga and meditation class and it was absolutely wonderful! Stephanie was so knowledgeable in her craft and has such a calming presence that makes you feel immediately at ease…”


“Stephanie was amazing! Lots of great feedback from the class participants and an excellent workout experience. Go Yoga!”


“Stephanie was amazing. She gave me a specific yoga pose that really helped my sciatic nerve… I was able to actually straighten out and walk normally after doing this pose. Can’t recommend (Prana Wellness) enough!”


“Prana Wellness meditation and yoga classes have added so much value to our work space. Our office members express their gratitude regularly… Cross Campus loves you!”


“It was so needed! I can’t explain the shift in attitude from before to after in the whole team. It was such a GIFT!”


“It was great working with Stephanie at Prana Wellness to set up daily healthy routines. These daily practices have helped me feel more connected to my body and gave me better ways to handle stress and anxiety. Sticking to a daily practice has been challenging for me in the past but working with Stephanie made this much easier as she was cheering me on and kept me accountable. Stephanie creates lessons that are unique to you and your needs which was perfect. She’s knowledgeable about the different yoga styles and holistic approaches to health & wellness. She also has the ability to challenge students while keeping sessions enjoyable, informative & I highly recommend Prana Wellness to all!”

– Tara L Sroka

“I started my yoga journey under dear Stephanie’s guidance July 2021. I have chronic pain issues due to severe osteoarthritis in my knees and osteo in my back. From the beginning I was able to take those gentle movements and breathing techniques home with me to practice on my on in between. After a few months my range of motion noticeably improved. Now after nearly a year there is marked improvement. Yes, I need to keep up and maintain my own yoga practice but I could not have done it without Stephanie’s guidance and genuine interest in my improvement. I look forward to the weekly fellowship and what will be new in the session for me to glean! Stephanie is always teaching new things so each session is a little different. I am eternally grateful. My body and my mind thank you!”

– Renee Pompeo

“It’s been great to work with Prana Wellness! Stephanie has led a couple mini-retreats for our non-profit staff, focusing on stretching and mindfulness. The time spent with Stephanie outdoors is very rejuvenating!”

– Kirstie

“I received a birthday present of four yoga therapy sessions. I had no prior experience so wasn’t sure what I was getting into. Stephanie was absolutely great to work with – easy going, personable and professional! My arthritic joints were stiff and painful but after only two sessions and continued work in between, I got relief. I’m committed to keep working with Stephanie.”

– Alice Goff

“I attended Prana Wellness’s Prenatal Yoga with Stephanie for most of my pregnancy. Stephanie was great! She checked on my needs as an individual and gave alternative movements based on my pregnancy progression and comfort level. Some of the movements, meditation, and breath work from her class really helped me during labor and delivery. I actually delivered my baby in a pose she taught me. I highly recommend!”

– Kirstin Erazo

“I am not flexible, and I probably have only had done yoga a couple of times before doing Yoga Therapy with Prana Wellness. Stephanie curates each session to your specific needs. And yoga therapy is a solution to anything: physically, mentally, neurologically etc. I personally have used it for physical ailments in my back, shoulders, and groin. The chronic pain comes from being a helicopter pilot and years of playing football thru the collegiate level. Yoga Therapy has been a game changer for me and my body.”

– Zerbin Singleton

“Stephanie led a breathwork/meditation/yoga session for our Circle of Sisters group and it was incredible! Her spirit and energy was so wonderful and she connected instantly with the girls. I cannot wait to have her join us again!”

– Shanelle Watkins

“It was a very meaningful experience. You could tell by the smiles and gratitude from the staff that they enjoyed every minute of it.”

– Non-profit team, San Diego

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Prana Wellness educates working minds to achieve peak wellness through the tools of yoga.

We provide corporate wellness programs for companies, 1:1 Clinical Yoga Therapy, perinatal yoga, and an enterprise speaking series on “Wellness for the Working Mind.” We also offer a variety of private wellness events.