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Book Stephanie, “Motivator in Chief,” to motivate, inspire, and provide valuable tools to educate your team.


Interactive and engaging workshops that will educate and empower your team.

Wellness for the Working Mind

Learn how to achieve calm in chaos, quiet the mind when needed, listen to yourself, and replenish your body to achieve optimal performance and required rest.

Self-Care for Leaders

Discover unconventional practices to help you become the best leader possible, no matter the environment. Learn how to maximize joy, budget energy, and set goals that work.

Yoga Therapy for Trauma

Learn about the types of trauma and how it can affect brain physiology and function. Understand specific practices that will aid in re-connecting the mind and body.

Yoga Therapy for Anxiety

Learn how to manage anxiety using the tools of yoga- breathwork, meditation, and movement. Practice how to be mindful of your energy, and create healthy sustainable habits that will decrease overall stress.

Burnout Prevention

Understand how to know the signs of burnout, how to prevent it, and what you can do when you're experiencing it. Learn practical mindfulness tools to use daily, how to budget your energy and set intentional goals.

Power Up Productivity

Learn about time management, focus hacks, and the physics of productivity, and how we can use this knowledge to give our bodies what they need! Increase your energy and focus, in order to become more productive.

Nutrition and Mindful Eating

From the lens of Ayurveda, learn to know and understand your particular body, and how food qualities can help you ease certain ailments.

Managing Yourself

Discuss how to do the inner work within yourself, in order to achieve success. Some of the topics we will cover include: The Law of Attraction, manifesting, speaking in the affirmative, and living in abundance.

Dream Team Energy

Learn how to build and maintain relationships, cultivate a dream team energy at work or in groups, and ensure that the relationships you choose are enriching to your life and your success.


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