Yoga for Maternal Health


With prenatal yoga, you can expect to learn something new each class, as we explore the pregnant body’s challenges and strengths. Leave class feeling encouraged and motivated. We really want clients to honor their bodies in this practice, and do what feels good. We are motivated to do this work because there is major inequity in maternal health care. We want to close that gap by offering support to birthing people during pregnancy and postpartum.

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Increase flexibility

Reduce common discomforts

Improve Sleep

Become empowered & informed about your options

Reduce stress level

Increase energy & focus

Strengthen and tone

Gain information about the birthing process

Learn essential self-care practices to help your new family thrive

Why try Prenatal yoga?

Prenatal yoga supports the birthing body throughout pregnancy, birthing/laboring, and through the parenting process. Its benefits are physical, mental/spiritual, emotional, and educational. Prenatal Yoga promotes community, self-care, empowerment, and mental preparedness for pregnancy and beyond. A regular practice reduces stress in the pregnant body, and therefore creates a safe space for baby.

Why try Postpartum yoga?

Postpartum yoga allows you to become confident in your new and powerful body. It helps to tone and strengthen, while providing support for the new parent, postnatal bonding with baby, and the guidance you need to move with ease in your own body again. Postpartum yoga focuses on the pelvic floor and abdominals, and toning of muscles that may have been affected during childbirth.

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