3 Tips for Summer Wellness

Summer is upon us and it’s a time to welcome in a new energy, new light, and warmth. It’s also a great time for mental revival. Reflect on the things that you’d like to shed going into this new season, or perhaps things you want to put more energy into. Here are 3 ways to elevate your personal wellness this summer.

  1. Stay hydrated. Sexy Water is a thing! I love using this phrase, as it makes water feel more attractive and enticing. Sexy Water is a way to elevate your hydration experience in a refreshing way. It adds some variety to your water intake. You can use any mix of fresh fruits and herbs, with various health benefits. As it gets hotter outside, your body will require more hydration. Drinking water is an easy natural way to flush out toxins and keep your joints lubricated.
  2. Find fun outside. After a crazy couple of year, we are finally back outside just in time for summer. Many of us have spent so much time within 4 walls lately, and that can really take a toll on your mental health, and create stagnation in the physical body. Explore new ways to be outside. Rollerblading, taking long walks in your neighborhood, biking, or going to restaurants with patios. Taking outdoor classes is a great way to be outside and hit your fitness goals!
  3. Eat well. Summer is the time when lots of fruits come into season. Explore some that are local to your area, and buy organic. Berries, for example, are full of antioxidants, which help prevent tissue damage and are anti-inflammatory. Your circadian rhythm can change this time of year, so It’s important to be mindful of your energy levels and metabolism. Get a balanced and nutritious start to your day with an energizing breakfast, like a green smoothie. Pay attention to your body’s reaction to certain foods, and give it what it needs or cut out what doesn’t feel good.

The Challenge: Make a list of 5 new healthy options for breakfast you’d like to try in the next couple of weeks. Make sure they are fresh and nutrient rich!