How to Budget Your Energy

That is a big statement to make, but here is why. Budgeting your energy helps to keep your body and mind in a natural, healthy rhythm. It helps to create sustainable daily habits (like the discipline for budgeting money), and keeps your nervous system in check. Your nervous system regulates your ability to rest and digest, and prevents illness.

When working with Yoga Therapy clients, I always teach them how to do an energy budget. I created this process a few years ago, when I was feeling depleted and overwhelmed. Having a big picture view of where my energy is coming from and going was a huge help for my mental health.

You can create an energy budget in your journal, as a creative flow chart, or as a spreadsheet, whatever works for you! List each and every task you do (both work and personal), and its frequency. Ask yourself these questions to create a tight energy budget:

  • What is the monetary cost?
  • What is the monetary gain?
  • What is the mental cost?
  • What is the mental gain?
  • Time spent daily/weekly/monthly?
  • Does it bring me joy?
  • Can I delegate it or delete it?
  • What would be the result of deleting this task?
  • How is my energy when doing this task?

Take your time on these questions. Be detailed and specific. The more you can be honest with yourself, the better self-study. What is costing you more than it is worth? What do you need more of?

The Challenge: Create your Energy Budget THIS WEEK! Send it to me so I can see.