Reframe Negative Self-Talk

The way you treat yourself is the way you teach others to treat you. We’ve all experienced self-doubt, imposter syndrome, comparison, jealousy, and the tricks of the monkey mind. These things are common, but they don’t have to be your norm. Learn to reframe the way you speak to yourself, self-correct negativity, and become more affirming.

Name the voice in your head. The bad one. Give that annoying voice in your head a name. The one that says you can’t do something, the one telling you you’re not good enough. Give them a name that speaks to their dark personality, and call them out! Every time they try to tell you something negative, call them by name and tell them to shut up.

Reframe the negative. Instead of saying “I’m bad at xyz,” reframe the phrase to say “I am working on being better at xyz.” The slight shift in verbiage will make all the difference. It will allow you to see yourself making progress and visualize where you want to be, and how you can grow. Speak in the positive, not in the negative when you choose your words. Instead of never, say “yet.” As the best is yet to come.

Write personal affirmations. Write down how you WANT to see yourself. Be descriptive and specific. Close your eyes and see the person you want to be and imagine how you would feel. Write down affirmations on sticky notes, and stick them in different areas around your house. Seeing these notes throughout the day, every day, will put you in a more positive mindset and remind you of your infinite power. Some examples of affirmations: “I am beautiful in every way.” “I am enough.” “I am confident and strong”

The Challenge: Get to work on those sticky notes! Do at least 10.