5 Ways to Improve Mobility

Mobility is defined as your muscle range of motion. Without mobility, stagnation appears in the body, and muscles can atrophy causing pain and disease. To be mobile is to be able to move your body in a way that increases circulation and optimizes function. Movement can help increase your lifespan, by giving your body the nourishment it needs and maintaining its natural functions.

Here are 5 ways to improve your mobility:

  1. Stretch daily. Stretching is so important to our health and the functional movement of our bodies. When we stretch we are waking up the muscle fascia that has become tight and stagnant while we sleep. Check out this quirky explainer on how muscle fascia works and see why stretching is so important!
  2. Find your end range of motion. And then back off. The human body is capable of many things. Moving is an artform. If you are trying to increase mobility in a specific part of your body, it’s important to identify your limits and explore them. Once your muscle gets to its widest range of motion, create some resistance (gravitational force), and then relax the muscle back to its resting state. Doing this will train your muscles to become more open and mobile.
  3. Regression and progression. Think of an infant learning to sit up on their own for the first time. Then they begin to crawl, then stand, then walk, then run. Each movement builds upon the last. This is progression. Try taking a complex movement, or something your body is currently challenged by. This can be getting up from a chair or stepping on a curb. How can you break down the micro movements within that action? Focus on efficiency, and functional movement. Taking some steps backward, at first, can progress you forward.
  4. Go for a swim! Swimming allows all of the muscles in the body to be engaged and increases blood flow and lung capacity. By engaging all of your muscles, you are building stamina within your body, and encouraging functionality.
  5. Get more massages! The way you care for yourself is important, and contributes to your overall health. When you invest into your body, it will pay you back tenfold. Massage is a great way to open up muscle fascia, prep your body for increased movement, or recover from stress. If booking a massage isn’t in the budget, grab one of those massage guns from online, or find a friend with great hands!

The Challenge: Pretend like you’re a baby again and go through all the steps of growth, and pay special attention to what movements challenge your body the most!