5 Yoga Poses for Covid Recovery

5 Yoga Poses for Covid Recovery

Tis the season….so many people are battling Covid right now, or have just come out on the other side. Immunity and prevention are key, but if you do happen to get the virus, it’s important to begin recovery work right away. Here are 5 key poses to help release congestion, expand your lungs,open your chest, and boost immunity. Do each of these poses 3-5 minutes. Breathe in and out through your nose.

Seated Spinal Twist.

Twists are cleansing to the body, and help to release toxins. Inhale and exhale deeply in this twist in order to increase lung capacity. Gaze over your shoulder.

Cobra Pose.

Opens your airways in the chest.Feet should be about hips width distance and “shoe laces” facing down. Keep your chin parallel to the floor. Head, neck, and shoulders in line. Inhale lift and open the chest. Exhale, come back down.


Lengthen your spine, bring your heels in close and flutter your knees slowly up and down. Activate your lymphatic circulation through movement and breath (in and out through your nose).


Begin in tabletop position, on all fours. Inhale lift your chin and chest, exhale round the spine and tuck your tailbone, push the mat away. This posture gently massages your spine and organs and allows the chest to open.

Mountain pose (arm variations)

Stand up straight. Inhale your arms lift overhead, exhale arms lower by your sides. Option to come to your tippy toes on the inhale up. This pose helps to elongate and stretch the muscles, and also activates circulation and flow of breath.

It’s suggested that you do not lie on your back when you have Covid or are recovering from it. The congestion in your chest puts pressure on your lungs, and this will slow the recovery process and not allow the congestion/mucus to release properly. I suggest doing only poses that are upright, or lying on your stomach, rather than on your back.

The Challenge: Take 15 min of your day to try these 5 poses! Whether you had Covid or not, these are great for immunity.

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