How to Relieve Low Back Pain

One of the top pain complaints I see from clients in Yoga Therapy is lower back pain. Whether you’re on your feet all day, or sitting all day, that nagging low back pain emerges more often than not. This pain often has to do with ergonomics and functional movement of the body. Meaning are the spaces you live and work in suitable for optimal lumbar health? Are you moving in the most efficient way possible in your daily movements?

The posterior chain (the back of your body) is all connected! So when low back pain occurs, it’s likely the pain will travel elsewhere. Think about the other parts of your body that support your lower back. Focus on strengthening these areas, in order to alleviate low back pain.

Train your core. Core is everything. Ab workouts are not as important as core workouts, I promise you. Every movement you make, comes from your core. All of the muscles in your back are connected to your core in some way. Developing core strength and stability will greatly enhance the movements of your body. Bridge post is a great example of core stabilization.

Strengthen your hamstrings. An unsuspecting culprit in low back pain is weak hamstrings. Hamstrings are the largest muscle in your body, so they require maintenance and upkeep of their strength. By nurturing this large muscle, you give your back the extra support it needs. Legs curls work wonders for hammy strength.

Increase hip mobility. Shakira says “hips don’t lie,” and she’s correct! They do not. Your hips carry the weight of your torso, so they must remain agile and mobily in order to function properly. Think about the action of sitting. It requires a fold of the hips. If your hips are dry and unlubricated due to lack of movement, it can lead to problems in the low back such as disc related injuries. Keep your hips moving and find ways to get up from your seat and be mobile! Try goddess pose or pigeon!

The Challenge: Try one of these new exercises for the next few days.