Yoga for Menstrual Cycle Ease

There has always been a bit of stigma around a woman’s period. Instead of being seen as a beautiful process that allows a woman to bring forth life, it’s often seen as something shameful and gross. A nurturing yoga practice during menstruation can allow a woman to embrace this time of the month, honor her body, and feel more at ease. Here are a few yogic practices to nurture yourself during your period.

Child’s Pose, or “balasana”: This pose is often called an “active rest” or surrender. It allows the upper body to fully relax, while bringing the belly low between the thighs. Start with your feet together, knees apart, and stretch your arms long towards the top of the mat. As you inhale, feel your belly expand towards the floor, as you exhale, feel your hips soften towards your heels. This post releases tightness and stress in the hips, and can also ease low back pain.

Kapalabhati Breath, or “breath of fire”: This breath is a classic yoga breath that ignites the agni, or digestive fire. It’s a great one for relief of menstrual cramping, as it involves engaging the belly. Inhale and expand your belly, exhale naval to spine. Begin slow, and then pick up the pace, and allow your belly to move in a pumping motion. 

Knees to chest, or apanasana: Do this pose to ease pain. Lie on your back and hug your knees into your chest. If it feels good, you can add a slight right back and forth to massage the spine. When you release your legs long in front of you, simply lie in savasana flat on your back and breathe. 

Goddess pose: This pose is wonderful for a boost of confidence as well! It will leave you feeling strong and powerful in all of your menstruating glory! It helps to open up the pelvic region, and invite in movement. Start standing, and open your legs wider than the mat, bend your knees and come into a squat with your toes pointed outwards. Heart to heart center or palms up. 

The Challenge: Try this on your next cycle! Invite in rest and stillness.