3 Ways to Decrease Anxiety

3 Ways to Decrease Anxiety

Anxiety can manifest in both the physical and mental body. It can lead to chronic pain and even disease if left unchecked. My work in Yoga Therapy has focused on discovering the root cause of anxiety, rather than just treating the symptoms. In the last two years, anxiety is at an all-time high in the world. I have seen this first hand with my clients.


A great way to decrease anxiety is to acknowledge that it is something you’re experiencing in this moment, it does not belong to you. Anxiety, like other emotional occurrences, is not permanent. It is not a part of your identity. It does not define you. When you’re able to view anxiety as a temporary experience, you’re better able to see its end. Instead of “I have anxiety,” let’s reframe to say “I am experiencing anxiety right now, but it will pass.”

Check your breath.

Your nose is for breathing and your mouth is for eating! Breathing in and out through your nose helps to calm your nervous system and replenish energy that has been depleted from the body. Nostril breathing promotes calm, decreases stress quickly, and allows for rest. Are you sitting at your desk breathing out of your mouth right now? Close it!

Don’t write the story yet.

By definition, anxiety is the fear of something that has yet to happen. That fear becomes debilitating, and interrupts the normal function of your nervous system. When your brain fixates on something that has not happened yet, the outcomes are endless, and typically not indicative of the truth. What you focus on manifests, inevitably. Instead of assigning an outcome, try staying in the present moment through your breath. You have the ability to be the co-creator in your life. Manifest,what you DO want to see happen.

The Challenge: Take some time to sit and write down a page or more of what your perfect day would look like. Be very specific and detailed! Sky’s the limit!