5 Unique Ways to Practice Self-Care

5 Unique Ways to Practice Self-Care

Self-care has become a word used regularly when talking about health and wellness. It’s often overused, and much of the focus has been on surface level care, like bubble baths and face masks. These are great! But we have to do the deeper work too. If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that we must take care of ourselves. Self-care is taking care of yourself- body, mind, and spirit, so that you can be well enough to show up for yourself and others.

1. Honor Your Body

What does this mean exactly? It means to slow down and LISTEN actively to what your body is telling you. It’s always saying something. It will let you know what it needs. Honoring your body can mean taking naps when you feel tired, eating foods that make you feel good and increase your energy, or simply slowing down physically. When your body speaks, listen.

2. Find Your Dosha

Doshas are the energetic forces that flow through your body- kapha, pitta, and vata. Each of use are typically dominant in one dosha. Once you identify what yours is, and perhaps where there may be some imbalance, you can adjust your lifestyle and feel better. You can eat foods that nourish your particular body makeup, and create a lifestyle and habits that promote and sustain equilibrium and best health.

3. Take Mindful Walks

Do this daily, and your physical body, mind, and nervous system will thank you. Leave your phone behind, or turn it to Do Not Disturb. Don’t count your steps or time yourself for fitness. Just walk. Observe. And breathe. Try to observe one new thing (about the same place) each time you walk. Be mindful of the sounds around you, the colors, the smells, the familiarity of certain places and the emotions they bring up. Take a 15 minute walk right in the middle of your day, daily! It will spark creativity, refresh your energy, and increase mobility and blood flow.

4. Stretch

Our bodies crave movement. Stagnant energy can build up in the body, and cause pain. By incorporating a 5 minute stretch practice throughout your day, you can increase blood flow and mental focus, allow your muscle fascia to loosen, and increase overall flexibility. Even with a regular workout routine or yoga practice, stretching is essential in order to nurture your body and maintain optimal functionality. Try 5 minutes in the morning, a few standing stretches during work hours away from your desk, and 5 minutes before bed. Feel the difference.

5. Learn something new

Every day! One of the primary habits of highly successful people is their commitment to learning. Learning something new each day can increase your confidence and your awareness. It will allow your mind to wonder, be free, and decrease stress. Learning daily doesn’t have to be hard. You can listen to an hour of a podcast or an audiobook that is mentally enriching in some way. You can spend 30 min using a new language app. You can try a new recipe. You can attend a webinar or event. You can try an activity you’ve never done before. Get curious, and be willing to learn.

The Challenge: Pick one activity that is completely new to you, and do it this month!