Breathing Exercises for Covid Recovery

Breathing Exercises for Covid Recovery

The Covid virus attacks your respiratory system, and especially your lungs. It’s important to keep your lungs active and expanding throughout recovery. Lung capacity is key. Here are three breathing exercises you can practice during and post-Covid to aid in respiratory recovery. 

Alternate Nostril Breathing. 

This breath is restorative and helps to rebalance the nervous system. It brings calm to your body. Fold in your other fingers, and have only your pinky and thumb out. Cover one nostril at a time. Inhale left, exhale right. Inhale right, exhale left. Repeat up to 9 times for 3 rounds. Remember to always have one nostril covered with your pinky or thumb as you take each breath. 

Ujjayi Breath.

Ujjayi is a victorious breath! It’s meant to empower the mind and body. It’s great for recovery from any workout, and also calms feelings of anger and frustration. Ujjayi is the ultimate respiratory support, and helps to strengthen your lungs and clear bacteria. Breathe in through your nose, and then exhale through the back of your throat. Think Darth Vader sounds, or ocean sounds. Your mouth remains closed. 

Extended exhale. 

A long exhale really builds your lung capacity. The counting helps with focus and muscle memory. Inhale through your nose for one count. They gradually increase each exhale (through the nose). For example, Inhale for 1, exhale 2. Inhale 1, exhale 3, Inhale 1, exhale 4. And so on, up to 8. Repeat 3 times. 

These breathwork practices can be used daily, whether you’re recovering from Covid or not. They help to bring ease and rest to the body, immune system, and nervous system. 

The Challenge: Try one of these right now! Challenge your breath, and build your lung capacity back up!

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