How to Get Grounded

How to Get Grounded

Here are some practices you can use to feel more grounded, when things are chaotic, and when they’re not.

Get in touch with nature.

Literally. Go outside barefoot and have ten toes on the ground. Or place your hands on some dirt or grass. Touch the trunk of a tree. Nature has a powerful ability to help us feel instantly grounded and in the moment.

Count your breaths.

Count from 1-10, and from 10 back down to 1, while you inhale and exhale. Count every breath. In and out through your nose, per usual. Counting brings you right into the moment. It allows your mind to be in the present right now, versus dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Take your time.

Repeat this mantra.

“Where am I? I am here.” “What time is it? The time is now.”
This mantra activates our consciousness and brings you into the present moment. It’s a reminder that all we have is now, and we should live in the moment. You can practice this mantra seated with your eyes closed, spine straight.

Mountain pose.

Stand with all ten toes firmly on the ground. Feel your ankles, heels, the balls of your feet all touching the ground. Hands down at your waist, palms facing forward. Take a few deep breaths in through your nose, and out your mouth for cleansing. Get focused, and set an intention for your day. Go forth and be great!

The Challenge: Take a moment to reflect on your intention for today, and how it can make you more grounded? Write it down!