Yoga for Better Sex

Sex is not all about “the hot spots.” It’s about intimacy, trust, and communication. Whether practicing yoga solo to increase your sexual energy, or with a partner to add some extra spark, the tools of yoga can give you better sex! Here are some practices to explore. 

The Locks. 

Your Mula Bandha, or root lock is the space between your anus and belly button. When the energy in your Mula Bandha is activated, it runs up your spine and sends renewed energy throughout your body. When mastered, engaging your Mula Bandha through your breath can increase blood flow to your reproductive parts. Similarly, Uddiyana Bandha, or abdominal lift, occurs when you use your breath to pull energy upwards in the body. This brings a heightened state of awareness. 


Postures such as the following are helpful in increasing sexual awareness and desire. 

Cat cow– involves titling of the pelvis and activating energy of the spine.

Bridge pose– lifting pelvis and opening the energy of the root chakra. 

Happy baby– opens the groin area, stimulates and puts you in the mindset of play. 

Tantra Yoga.

Tantra was an ancient practice, originally done solo. It allowed an individual to connect with their senses, and their sensuality by stoking desire and lust. Now, before your mind goes elsewhere, it wasn’t like that! Desire can come in many forms. Simply put, It’s important to build desire, love, intimacy, closeness, trust within yourself in order to be able to share these things with a partner. It starts with you. 

Kundalini Yoga.

A practice that awakens your “shakti” or your primal energy at the base of your spine. Kundalini is an energy that lies dormant until it is activated. The practice is typically comprised of chanting, energizing breathwork, and repetitive postures that challenge the body and awaken energy channels. 

Acro Yoga.

Trust is a must in Acro. Trust yourself and your own body’s abilities first, and attune your root chakra. Then build trust with your partner, through communication. Acro yoga is a partner practice that relies on one person as the base, and the other as the “flyer” to become weightless and free through connection between the bodies. 


Breathing is sexy! Use “breath of fire” (kapalabhati) to ignite your fire within. Build this energy within yourself first, then with a partner. Connecting with your partner’s breath is an intimate practice! You will quite literally feel each other’s energy, and as a result desire to be closer. 

The Challenge: Try cat cow, happy baby, and bridge pose at home on your own. Pay attention to the breath, and the areas that feel more open afterwards. 

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