4 Foods to Improve Gut Health


Ginger has great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It can ease digestive issues, and soothe nausea. Try boiling some fresh ginger root for your tea each morning, to flush out toxins. Ginger also helps to lower blood insulin levels, associated with obesity. You can ingest ginger in powder form, through the fresh root, in pill form, or as an oil. Add some ginger powder to your next smoothie!


Many people, including myself, take daily turmeric supplements to ease inflammatory conditions, in the gut especially. Turmeric pills are most effective, and go straight into your bloodstream. It also comes in powder form or as a spice. Turmeric is best activated with black pepper. Golden Milk, made with turmeric and black pepper, is not only good for your gut, but it will make you sleep like a baby! Try it out!


Kiwis help support healthy “movements!” They can relieve constipation and aid in digestion. Kiwis aid in breaking down protein. You can slice them up and put them in yogurt, or make a fruit salad with them. They are great for on the go snacks, when you may get a bit backed up!


Probiotics for the win! They are friendly live bacteria and yeast that help promote a healthy gut. Probiotics aid in digestion, and can ease diarrhea. They help create a balanced, healthy flora in your gut biome. The lactobacillus, specifically, in yogurt provides you with the probiotic benefits. Aim for yogurt with very low or no sugars added. Add your favorite fruit and granola on top for a boost of fiber!

The Challenge: Try a new recipe today with one of these gut healthy foods!