4 Natural Supplements to Boost Immunity

For years, nutritionists, doctors, and society have been telling us to pump ourselves full of vitamin C, drink your orange juice, and take your daily OTC multi-vitamin. While these methods are still effective (I take them myself), there are a few other less common supplements that I believe deserve some shine. In my opinion, natural herbs and supplements are the way to go when it comes to maintaining health and preventing long term illness. Prevention is always better than the cure. These days, we can all use a boost of immunity, so here are some of my favorite supplements:


Elderberry has become more popular in the last couple years, but has been around forever. The berry contains powerful antioxidants and vitamins, and can also help prevent and ease cold and flu. They clear the body of free radicals. You can find elderberries in the form of a syrup, gummies, tea, or lozenges.

Oregano Oil Extract:

Acts as a natural antibiotic and can kill bacteria in the body. It is a powerful aid in healing respiratory issues. It can be found in oil or pill form. The taste is rather strong, and can give a warm sensation in the throat. You can mask this taste by mixing it with tea or water. Oregano oil is known to reduce the severity and duration of respiratory illness.


The stuff that makes plants green, also promotes production of red blood cells! It acts as a natural detoxifying agent, and eliminates fungus. As an added bonus, it’s a natural deodorizer as well (for your poop and your pits!) It absorbs toxins and stimulates immunity. Try Chlorophyll in tablet or liquid form.

Cayenne Pepper:

High in vitamins C and A, cayenne pepper is a great additive for your smoothies, or even hot teas! It’s an immunity booster and has anti-inflammatory properties. It’s properties may help protect against cellular damage. When feeling under the weather, I’ve added cayenne to whatever I’m eating or drinking. Plus that cayenne pepper is great for heart health too!

If you feel yourself coming down with something, already have it, or just want extra immune support, try these natural supplements!

The Challenge: Add some Chlorophyll droplets to your water today! It’s super refreshing and energizing, and will give you fresh breath!

Disclaimer: The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.