How to Practice Mindful Eating

Your digestion directly impacts your mental and physical body. When you practice mindful eating, you allow the food to do its job and feed you- mind, body, and spirit.

Give thanks. Gratitude is always the best attitude. Whether you pray before meals, meditate, breathe deeply, or simply say thank you, acknowledging the food in front of you and giving thanks for its process makes it feel better going down. All foods have a life cycle, so expressing gratitude is a kind way to be present in the process.

Free from distractions. Most of us are guilty of eating our meals in front of the TV, with phone in hand, or while working on the computer. There is something luxurious about sitting down to eat and being distraction free. Allowing your mind and body to process (literally) what you are eating, will aid in your digestive process. Eating without distractions is also a great way to expand your mental awareness.

Slowly. My grandpa used to tell us to chew each bite 65 times before swallowing! When you’re eating too fast, your digestive system has to play catch up and usually cannot keep up. Your body is not able to properly process food, thus gas, acid, and overall discomfort are the result. When you eat slowly, you allow your body to properly work for you, and turn your food into energy.

Drink your water. Before each meal, you should fill your stomach with ΒΌ water. This helps to activate your digestion, but also prevents overeating. Rather than chugging water simultaneously with your food, allow it to flush out toxins afterwards.

Eat foods that agree with you. Every BODY is different, so that means that the food we eat does not affect each person in the same way. Food is meant to nourish the body and provide energy, but the way it is received in each body may vary. It is so important to understand what your body needs to feel nourished and balanced, and what specific things might make you feel out of balance. Eat foods that make sense for your dosha.

The Challenge: Try a no distractions dinner tonight!